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🌍🛍️ Beat Plastic Pollution, Empower Women! Get Upcycled Bags Now! 🌱💪

🌟 Join the Upcycling Revolution! Act Fast! 🌿

🌎 This Environment Day, make a powerful eco-friendly choice! Get your hands on our upcycled bags made from old bedsheets and duppatas. 🛌♻️

💚 Support women from under-resourced communities while fighting plastic pollution. Buy now and change lives! 💪🌸

👜 Stand out with a bag that tells a story—sustainability, creativity, and social impact. Act now! 🌍🤝

💥 Make a difference!

Size : 15 by 12 Inches

Material - old bedsheets and duppata

Quantity - 10 bags

Free shipping

#EnvironmentDay #UpcyclingRevolution #SustainableFashion #WomenEmpowerment #PlasticPollution #ActNow

Happy upcycled bags - set of 10

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