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Introducing our vibrant Laptop Sleeves, a beautiful fusion of sustainability and empowerment! These stunning sleeves are crafted from waste fabric cutouts by talented lady tailors from underprivileged communities in Pune.

By choosing this eco-friendly accessory, you're not only protecting our planet but also supporting these incredible women. Every purchase empowers their journey towards a brighter future. 🌞

Available in two convenient sizes: 15" x 11" and 13" x 11", these sleeves are perfect for your laptops, all while making a positive impact on the world.

Let's #MakeADifference together! Get your laptop sleeve now and be part of this incredible cause.

#SustainableFashion #WomenEmpowerment #SaveTheEarth

Happy Laptop Sleeve - Multicolour

₹1,099.00 Regular Price
₹849.00Sale Price
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