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7 Best Ways to Stay Motivated as a Small Business Owner

A small business owner faces many challenges from the day of inception to everyday functioning of the organization. This problem solving on a regular basis, keeps the founder on his/her toes, 7 days a week. Staying motivated through hardships is the key to attaining success. The 7 best ways to do the same are:

1. One step at the time

It all seems very complicated to resolve way too many issues thrown at you, all at once. Remember, to take it slow and tackle one problem at a given time. Identify the one that needs the most attention and needs to be done away with at the earliest. Similarly, deal with each one of them depending on their priority status. This way, one isn’t boggled down by the mental pressure caused by these can stay motivated to swift through the problems with ease.

2. Consistency

Being disciplined and putting in the work, every single day counts. There will be days, when there will be no sales, but one has to be patient and still try hard, maybe extra hard on those days. Such days not only teach you to respect the better days but also prepare you to face difficult times with mindfulness and positivity.

3. Collaborations and Team work

One needs to realize that small businesses are all about team work. The more help you get, the better. Collaborations lead to better reach and often greater sales as well as target audience as two or more organizations are trying to sell the same product. It also leads to interactions and helps build a community of like-minded folks. The future is all about communities coming together for solving issues for the greater good.

4. Innovation

As a founder, one really needs to be innovative in terms of products, services, marketing strategies. Creating new products/ social media campaigns, is not fun, but it helps you to grow and enjoy the process of running a startup. Doing the same thing each day can get monotonous and bringing about a change in the way you think/do things to achieve the goals set for your business, shall help in boosting your spirits.

5. Happiness and Positivity

Choosing to be happy and reminding yourself each day, as to why you started this particular business, helps one be on track. This particular reason must be so strong, that it should help overcome the darkest of days. Addressing each problem with a positive mindset, keeps the whole team motivated and happy.

6. Giving back to the community

Random acts of kindness, celebrating your employees, their families on special occasions, hosting community events in the neighborhood or simply donating a part of your share for a social cause, feels rewarding. It makes one want to do more since a lot of happy hormones are released each time you do a good deed! So, go ahead and give that employee the much required bonus, or send a cake for that grandmother next to your office or simply donate to the less fortunate ones.

7. Balancing personal and professional life

One of the most important factors to be mentally stable as a small business owner is to find that balance between your professional and personal life. The work hours are endless, it’s not a 9-5 job but a full time passion oriented occupation. There is no limit to the amount of work that can be done on a regular basis, but one has to be disciplined when it comes to their work timings, attending social events, giving time to their friends and family, taking breaks and not over working. When you get the best of both the worlds, you tend to be encouraged to do better and to achieve your goals effectively. This ensures that your professional life doesn’t burden your personal life or vice versa.

Jagruti Khabiya Jain

Founder and Creative head


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